Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here are the three Orly polishes I own.

The first is Poison Apple, which I picked up on clearance at Sally a couple of months ago. Sally, I love your clearance table! In other news, the $5 I spent for a year on my Sally Beauty Rewards card is probably the best $5 I've spent in awhile. This is an orange-y tomato-ey red. It's okay. Reds aren't really my thing, and when I pick a red, I tend to go towards a red with a more blue/violet tone than an orange tone.

The second Orly polish is one of their mattes -- Purple Velvet. I really like this matte. In fact, I like it a lot more than any of the OPI mattes I own, but not as much as the Man Glaze mattes, which are, I think, the best mattes EVER. I'll post those later. :) This applies fairly easily if you work fast. This swatch isn't the best ever, but it'll do for this purpose. It also dries quickly, but I think that's standard for matte polishes.

The third and last Orly polish in my collection is one of their Metal Chic polishes -- Solid Gold. This is a shimmery, metallic matte, sort of like the OPI suedes. I found this on sale at Sally last week. Are you seeing a theme here with me and Sally and sales? Hehehe.
I really want to try this with a topcoat one day, and I'm sure I will. You know, eventually.

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  1. Ek. I didn't like any of these. The red looks like ketchup!

    The gold however does have possibilities.

    BTW, I'm enjoying this blog!