Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Four Pinks

I usually think of pink as being boring, so I don't buy a whole lot of it. Lately, I have been on the lookout for interesting pinks. I grabbed one on clearance at CVS, two on clearance at Sally and one regular price at Rite Aid.

So, here's the pinksplosion:

This is Sally Girl "It's So U." I freaking hate text speak. I felt like a moron typing out that polish name. This is too sheer (I used three coats in the photo), but it's a pretty color. It's a super sheer purply-pink with a blue flash of iridescence in it.

This is Sally Girl "Get Out!" I love this color! It's a nearly salmon pink with that "glass fleck" finish to it. It's sparkly without being glittery. This is a pink I would wear. Also three coats and there's still visible nail line. These Sally Girl polishes are very sheer, but I only paid .79 for them, so there you go.

This is the one I picked up on clearance at CVS. Man, CVS had some really awesome makeup clearance sales going on last week. This is Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Gleaming. It's a bright magenta-red with some shimmer in it. I would also wear this pink. :) Two coats!

THIS... is a Jesse's Girl polish I picked up at Rite Aid. I've never bought that brand before (I've also never seen it except for at the Rite Aid by my house). I've ALSO never worn neons before. This was a bright ass neon pink. It dried fairly matte and was sort of gloppy after it dried. It wasn't anything a good topcoat couldn't fix, but be forewarned. This also went sort of orangey on my nail, despite being bright ass neon pink in the bottle.
This is outside:

And this is inside:

I also did a konadicure over the bright ass pink, but ended up removing it because it didn't come out as I expected. I used the Konad special polishes in black, silver, and violet pearl.
This is inside:

And this is outside:


  1. That last mani is stunning, I love how bright it is!

  2. WOW, love it. I've never seen a Jessie's Girl polish in my Rite Aids. HUM, I'll have to dig a little deeper. :)