Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is my first post and it'll feature no pictures whatsoever. I'm working on swatching all the polishes I currently own and when I begin posting (tonight or tomorrow), I think I'll post in groups by brand. Later, I'll just post as I buy new stuff. Make sense? Works for me! Then you will all see exactly how cheap I am. I am the queen of Wet N Wild polish. But you know what? Honestly, a lot of Wet N Wild and Sally Hansen and Rimmel stuff has better staying power than the more expensive Essies and OPIs that I own.

I think if I had to pick my favorite brand it'd be China Glaze right now, even though I only own like two of their polishes. I really need to remedy that. Hmm, and tomorrow is payday...

My least favorite brand, consistently, is Revlon. I have one Revlon polish that I own and LOVE, but the rest of my Revlon stuff is terrible. Either the consistency is icky or it peels off or it won't dry... and it's expensive for a drugstore brand, too.

Speaking of drugstore brands, I love, love, LOVE Rimmel polishes. The colors are fairly unique for drugstore polish, the price is great, and the formula doesn't usually disappoint.

Anyway, enough with this introductory post. Let me get back to paintin' and photographin' so I'll be able to put some substance in this blog.


  1. Congratulations!!! I think you are going to have fun with this.

  2. I am having fun with this.... I needed an excuse to repaint my nails 50 times a day, and what better reason than swatching and photographing my whole collection? LOL.