Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Wet n Wild

These are the rest of the Wet N Wilds in my collection.

The first one is a Wet N Wild "Flirt" in a teeny tiny bottle in a shade called "Frostbite." It's a sparkly silver metallic shade that I actually really like a lot.

And this is a pink glitter in a shade called "Sparked." I'm pretty sure this is four coats. This glitter is okay, but it really needs to be layered on something else as it is not dense enough to wear alone.

And this! THIS!! This is the most awesome Wet N Wild shade I've ever seen. It's from their Craze line and it's called Morbid. It's a very, very dark blackened teal. I liked the Craze line, but this is the only one I decided I HAD to purchase because I knew it would look awesome on me. Full disclosure: I've been wearing this color on my toenails since right after Christmas. I have terribly ugly toenails. They grow in a weird shape and they are thick. I was blessed with nice fingernails and cursed with hideous toenails. BUT, this polish is still hanging around on my toenails, looking not too different from when I first applied it.

1 comment:

  1. Morbid is one of my new favorite colors ever

    The other one I got, Nocturnal, is pretty neat too.. It's a deep, DEEP midnight blue... alllmost black, but not quite.