Sunday, January 10, 2010


Huzzah! I got nail polish remover around noon today. Swatched ALMOST everything I wanted to. I'm going to crank out one post here before I go home!

These three polishes are just... random. I don't own any others of the brand, so I guess this is my orphaned polish post. :)

First up is Ulta Professional in Uptown Girl. We don't have an Ulta in the town where I live. We are about an hour or so from the closest one and, honestly, I'm way too lazy to drive an hour just to get Ulta nail polish. I guess I could order it online, but it's not THAT great. I do, however, always try to go to Ulta when I'm visiting a city that has one. So that's how I've ended up with just one Ulta polish.

This one is a smoky purple. The boyfriend says it reminds him of "mocha or chocolate or something." I don't detect any brown tones in this, but I get what he means -- there is a creamy feeling to this. I like it! The formula and brush are decent and it's opaque in two coats.

Next is this crap I picked up at Rite Aid many months back. It's a layered polish called "Lay it on me," and used to be bright glittery pink on top of black on top of neon purple. You aren't supposed to shake it and mess up the layers but, uh, this bottle has taken a couple tumbles off of a shelf so the top two layers are nice and mixed up.

However, you know what you get when you mix black with other colors? That's right... BLACK. When and if I ever buy another layered polish, it won't have black in it. This is the result of it. Sort of dark brown with some glitter:

And here we have the most disappointing nail polish I ever spent $9 on. I realize that $9 is pretty mid-range as far as polish goes, but it's a little steep for me. I'm probably never going to spend $20+ on Chanel polish. I buy more for color than for brand, and I've never seen a Chanel color that spoke to me enough to shell out that kinda dough. I read the color description on Sephora's website and thought, "This color will be AWESOME!" Black with multi-color glitter? Hells yeah!
So, this is Never Enough Shoes, which I think is a universally disappointing nail color. The color is ok. Needs more sparkle. For $9, they really could have put a better brush in the bottle. And the formula was sort of thin and watery. Ick.
Here's the bottle.. see the beautiful sparkle?

Here's the product on my nails. Notice the lack of sparkle?

So, I never again bought another Sephora by OPI polish.


  1. The ulta one was pretty but I felt like it needed some..idk umphh. Ya know like something was missing, that or the fact that i know you're not elderly.

  2. I bought a Chanel polish years ago that I loved - I think it was "Night Sky." It was a really dark blue with sparkles. It didn't really seem like glitter, just sparkly. It was gorgeous, though I don't remember anything about the brush. Hmm, wonder if I still have it tossed in the back of a drawer somewhere...

  3. @dr-petty I agree. The formula was nice. The polish was nice enough. But in all, it was sort of boring.

    @Heather OOOH, I've seen that one online, but I think it was sold back in the day when I bit my nails and wasn't into nail polish. :) If Chanel came out with that again, I'd probably get it.