Saturday, January 9, 2010

China Glaze!!

This is the last set of nail polish I swatched today. I'll swatch more tomorrow and post more tomorrow evening. Doing this made my day go by super fast!

Anyway, I love glittery China Glaze polishes. They're great! The jelly bases are colored enough to lay down some foundation on the nail and the glitter is dense enough to make a really, super-sparkly nail.

First up is Emerald Sparkle. I wore this a LOT around Christmas this year. It's green and sparkly! How festive!

Next is Dorothy Who? from the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection. I really like this, but I so wanted the base to be a darker blue!
Here it is in natural light:

And here it is blurry to enhance the sparkle. :)

And here it is holding a Drank! Ha! I'd been looking all over for this stuff -- my roll needed to be slowed -- and the boyfriend found it at the Shell station by our home. Go figure.

And a non-glitter China Glaze: For Audrey.
I really like the whole pastel/mint blue/green trend that's going on lately. I freaking love colors like this. I also call these "bathroom nails" because the color reminds me of bathroom tiles and 2000 Flushes.


  1. I cracked up about the Drank! Wade has apparently seen or heard about that somewhere because I remember him telling me about it a while back, but I honestly wasn't sure it actually existed...that's hilarious and frightening and disturbing all at once!

  2. @Heather Yep, it exists! It did make me tired, but who knows if it's from the ingredients in the "Drank," or just crashing from the 60 grams of sugar in the can. Could be either, both, or a combination of the two.