Wednesday, January 27, 2010

China Glaze Fortune Teller

So I really wanted this color, but I figured since it was released for Halloween 09, that ship had sailed. So while I was scavenging the clearance table at the local Sally, I saw this and grabbed it!

This color is the hotness. :) It SUCKS to remove though. Like, even more than most glitter polishes.

It's so Halloweeny, but I may wear this one even when it's not Halloween. I love it!




  1. lucky! I've been looking on Ebay for that one. I sure hope someone comes out with something similar in the future. It's rad.

  2. @Cara Maybe try Sally? There was ONE bottle of this at the Sally by me, maybe you can get lucky?

  3. To remove just do the foil method...soak cotton ball in remover, lace on top of nail, wrap finger in foil wait 5 minutes....its the best way to remove glitter!