Monday, November 29, 2010

OPI Blue Moon Lagoon

So, I bought this one off of eBay. Evil Bay. You know. But it was SO PRETTY I HAD TO HAVE IT!

Nice light blue holo. C'mon, OPI, do more holos! And not this DS crap -- those are way overpriced and aren't even holo anymore! GOSH!

OPI Blue Moon Lagoon

And now for your standard ending...

Wild and Crazy

So, this is a brand I pick up when I hit up the local independent beauty supply stores. They are very hit and miss. There are a lot of colors that look great in the bottle, but are super sheer on the nail. I'm still a sucker.

This is Wicked. A burgundy/purple with a slight green shimmer. Sort of along the lines of Maybelline Vanishing Venus.
Here it is in sunlight...
Wild and Crazy Wicked?

And in shade...

Flying Kite, a peach with gold shimmer. This is another color combination I am a complete sucker for. :)

Ticklish Toes, a shimmering olive green.

Erie, an extremely pretty shimmery teal.

And Feliciana, a nude/pink with some chunky shimmer.

And now for your standard ending...

Revlon Matte Suedes

I only got two of these polishes, I suppose. I could have SWORN I bought Emerald City, but I cannot find it in my polish drawer, nor can I find photos of it. So apparently I just dreamed I bought it.

Can y'all tell I'm trying really hard to get through all of my photos? LOL. Tonight I put on the first of my new Ulta Enchanted Nail Collection, Sugar Cookie, and I LOVE it. It's what I WANTED Zoya Gaia to be. But I cannot allow myself to post photos of it til I've posted the other bazillion photos I've uploaded to Flickr. So here's another post for today! Hee hee.

Anywho, I know I bought Ruby Ribbon and Powder Puff from the Revlon Matte Suedes, because I can find pictures of both of them.

I so wanted to love Powder Puff... but didn't. I even tried it with topcoat and it just wasn't doing it for me.
Here it is without topcoat:
Revlon Powder Puff

And Powder Puff with topcoat:
Revlon Powder Puff
Still too sheer, and I think I used three coats. Of course, the Sugar Cookie I'm wearing now is still pretty sheer at three coats and I love it... so go figure. Powder Puff just wasn't for me!

Ruby Ribbon, however, was awesome. Two coats. I didn't even try it with topcoat, but I bet it's super pretty that way too.
This was after a full day of work, so there is some tipwear (typical since I didn't wear a topcoat), but I think it held up pretty well! My job is pretty hands-on (I fix computers), so if something holds up this well all day with no topcoat, it's a pretty good nail polish!
Revlon Ruby Ribbon

And now for your standard ending...

Random NYC Colors and polishing under the influence

Some NYC polishes I picked up awhile back...
Flat Iron Green:
NYC Flat Iron Green

Coral Reef:


And... the worst Halloween mani in the history of EVER. Major, major nail fail using NYC Spring Street and whatever ugly ass Halloween-y looking stuff I threw on my nails! (This was removed really really quickly.) I was polishing under the influence and this is what happened. See, kids, don't drink and paint!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some yellows

Okay, so I have 109 unposted pictures that have been uploaded. I swatched for HOURS today. I still have 29 untried polishes.

Clearly, I need to get to postin' if I ever want to be current again.

So here are some yellows -- actually, I know I've already sold one of these on my blog sale. That should tell you how behind I am.. ugh.

This is "The Wonder Yellows" from Wet N Wild's Craze line:
Wet N Wild

This is Sinful "Dumpling."
Sinful Dumpling

I think both were two coats. I preferred the Wet N Wild to the Sinful, as it was more opaque. However, I've yet to find a yellow that actually looks GOOD on me. The search continues!

Essie and Nail Night

I am SO far behind in posting pictures. What I do is I upload everything to Flickr, and then turn around and post the pics to my blog, pretty much in the order in which I took them. The next picture I had in line to post was of Essie Limited Addiction, which I bought in the mini 4-pack when I was in Florida in AUGUST. Yes, it is nearly December. Jeez.

Anyway, here it is. It's a lovely dark red jelly. This was two or three coats.
Essie Limited Addiction

Now, that said...
I know a group of ladies, and we get together every so often for "nail night." There are two nail polish geeks in this group -- myself and another lady -- and the rest I think just humor us. Also, there is usually booze. Booze and nail polish is a winning combination, always.

Anyway, at one nail night a few months ago, I took a few pictures. Enjoy.

She's wearing Orly Space Cadet... I remember this. LOL.

This is my hand... it was Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow with a Nfu Oh on top. I cannot remember which Nfu Oh. I don't own any Nfu Ohs, so I can't just check the bottle. :/


My foot w/OPI Blue Moon Lagoon. :)

More Konading..

Finished result.. Man, check out the lined up Nfu Ohs in this pic. I should've taken a picture of THOSE.

And again!

I ended up mattifying my ring and thumbnails. Eh.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

haul pics

Sorry, still on cell!
I got the Too Faced loves Ulta Enchanted Nail Collection. Color Club Untamed Luxury and Rebel Debutante. Tres Risk Glamorous Life, Maybelline in Glad to be Green, Rimmel in Grey Matter, and since Ulta NP was b2g2, I got Little Black Dress, Love My Blackberry, Smoke Screen and Jaded.

I still have about 30 other untrieds on top of these. I have a LOT of swatching to do!
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I'm typing this in the car on my way back home from my Thanksgiving holiday in Alabama.

I have now checked NINE CVS stores, and no Perplex to be found anywhere.

I did, however, haul a LOT of nail polish. I only spent around $50, but I am coming back with 28 bottles of nail polish. I think I may have a problem...

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I'm typing this in the car on my way back home from my Thanksgiving holiday in Alabama.

I have now checked NINE CVS stores, and no Perplex to be found anywhere.

I did, however, haul a LOT of nail polish. I only spent around $50, but I am coming back with 28 bottles of nail polish. I think I may have a problem...

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cover Girls!

Two Cover Girl Polishes.

Grapevine. 2 coats. Pretty!
Cover Girl Grapevine

Bronze Beauty. 2 coats. Also pretty!
Cover Girl Bronze Beauty

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Incoco Flirt and Miscellaneous

Thanks to everyone who has purchased stuff from my blog sale! I haven't deleted the original post yet (I probably will by the end of the week), but I created a stand-alone blogger page for it. You can find it here:

I'm also going to add some bath and body type stuff to it... that's another thing I hoard, and I'm really just trying to get rid of things I don't USE. I have Bath and Body Works stuff that I bought last year that I've NEVER OPENED. Ridiculous.

Anywho, I picked up a pack of those Incoco dry nail polish appliques on clearance at Walgreen's... god, it had to have been around last Christmas. I finally got around to trying them. I liked them, but wish I hadn't picked up such a boring color. I had some wrinkling on my pinky, but I think that if I were to try this again, I'd have an easier time with the application and probably no wrinkling. Learning curve, you know. :) Overall, though, I didn't have a terribly hard time using these. They were fairly easy to apply -- easier than I'd thought they'd be actually. I'd buy them again, just in a different color. One day I'll test the wear time on these... but not today.

On to the photos!


Also! Don't forget to enter my giveaway! The post is here!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog Sale!

I have moved this post to a stand alone blogger page.

Please go here to view my sale items:

Thank you!!


Ok you guys... I've been talking about having a giveaway for a couple of months now. I'm finally doing it, and a day earlier than I said I would! Hooray!

Here's what I'm giving away:
8 Colorama Nail Polishes in French Tip White, Juiced Berry Tips, Lilac Freeze, Plum Lights, Burgundy Blaze, Turquoise Seas, Candy Apple, and Black Magic

5 Colorama Topcoats in Flames of Amber, Give Me The Chills, Pink Pinata, Ruby Rays, and Blazes of Crystal

2 Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Lavender Pearl and Pink Rose Diamond

AND... whatever other little goodies I pick up between now and the end of the contest. :)

By the way, that Blazes of Crystal topcoat is AWESOME. I think it's my favorite flakie ever. Check this out. Today I'm wearing it over Orly Liquid Vinyl:
And a (new, unused) bottle of that could be yours! Woo hoo!

To enter, you must be a follower of my blog. Please tell me in the comments how you follow me. Leave a comment on this post telling me how you follow and your email address and you'll be entered. That's all you have to do! I'll pick a winner on December 15th!

Good luck!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sally Hansens, el cheapo nail polish, and a giveaway!

I only picked up two of the new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears -- Purple Gala and Mystic Lilac. I LOVED Purple Gala and HATED Mystic Lilac. The latter one wasn't flattering on me at all and my mani bubbled like I've never seen one bubble before (although I'm pretty sure that was user error and not a problem with the formula). It also never dried, even with Out The Door on top. :/
I ended up giving the bottle to my sister-in-law.

Here are my pix of Mystic Lilac:



And here is Purple Gala:

Now... lately, there has been some really cool nail polish spotted in the Dollar Tree here and in Big Lots. I found a bunch of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Dollar Tree several weeks ago. Yesterday, I gave a friend at work a bottle of Hard Candy Beetle I'd picked up for her. Later in the day, she emailed me saying she had a surprise for me. It was Colorama flakies she picked up at Big Lots! FLAKIES! YAY! So I went to Big Lots myself after work and picked up the rest of the flakies I didn't already have. I also bought extras for my blog readers. I also have some Nail Prisms dupes. So.... I'll be having a giveaway. I'll make an official post about it probably Sunday, so don't enter yet. If I can find some other goodies to throw in, I will. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe

OK, so I had resisted Lippmann until this point. But all you evil swatchers drew me to this one... I LOVE it. Seriously, it's my favorite high-end nail polish that I own (not that I own very many).

This was three coats. :)