Friday, January 8, 2010

Tip Toe

So, this is Tip Toe polish from Old Navy. Who knew Old Navy had nail polish? I certainly didn't. I quit shopping there when they stopped carrying anything other than jeans in short length. And their jeans fit funny now, AND I still walk on the hems of their jeans, even in short length.

But I got dragged to Old Navy earlier this week when I was out and about with the boyfriend, and I noticed that they had nail polish on clearance in one of the containers at checkout. Score! I think this was either $1 or $1.50 on clearance. They only had four colors left -- the two I didn't get were a bright orange and a gold that had exploded all over itself. I own two bright oranges already, and orange doesn't even look good with my skintone, so I skipped that one.

These polishes are surprisingly good! The brush is weird and moppy, but it applies like a dream.

This shade is called Platinum. It's a silver shade. I've used better metallics -- remember Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup? Man, I loved that stuff when it was out, years ago.. 2001ish? Anyway, I think the Sally Hansen Chromes ruined me on metallics forever, because nothing I've bought since measures up. It was shiny shiny, and this is not.

This shade is called Memory. I LOVE IT! It's a vampy, blackened purply eggplant color. It's probably my favorite vampy shade that I own. It did, however, take three coats for full opacity.
Here is Memory in the shade, where it looks very dark:

And here it is in sunlight, where you can see more of the purply eggplant-ness:

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