Monday, January 11, 2010

OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection

Oooooh. My friend told me she got this set of minis, so of course *I* had to run out and get this set of minis. It's Alice in Wonderland! I loved the animated Disney flick when I was younger, loved the book when I was a little older, and am anxiously awaiting the new movie in a couple of months.

I really thought that Mad as a Hatter would be my love from this collection. I'm mostly unimpressed with the reds. They're nice, but nothing special. But really? I'm in love with Absolutely Alice. I need to get a big bottle of this. :)

This is "Off With Her Red." It's a tomatoey-red creme. It's okay, but tomato reds aren't really my thing. The formula is nice.

This is "Thanks So Muchness." It's more of a blue or violet-toned red with some shimmer in it. This is my kind of red. I really tried to capture the shimmer in the picture of this.

Here's "Mad as a Hatter." They describe this as "black multi glitter," but I see NO black in this AT ALL. The base polish is clear, and the glitter is, well, every color. This is pretty cool, and I like this one second best, after Alice. Three coats in the pic.

And here's my fave, "Absolutely Alice." This polish rocks! It's another clear base with multicolored glitter, but the glitter is mostly blue, with some gold thrown in there. I took two pictures, one indoors and one outdoors. This is also three coats.
Here's Alice indoors:

And here it is outdoors. So pretty!

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