Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tonight's Nails

Yeesh! Tonight has been a nail catastrophe! First, I had to remove all that Mad as a Hatter I put on last night and it was a PAIN. I have the pure acetone tub with bristles from Target that works pretty well, except that it leaves tiny flecks of glitter all over my hands. So I got rid of all that.

Then I decided to repaint my toenails since it'd been, oh, three weeks or so since the last time I gave my toes any attention. They're ugly, they don't count. I put China Glaze DV8 on 'em and they are still ugly, but at least the color is nice. :)

Then I decided to do a non-animal print Konad. My first attempt gave me four decent nails and six duds. So I redid those six. Some of them are still a little crooked, but I'm leaving it!

This is NYC In a New York Color Minute (geesh that's a long name) in Mulberry Street with Konad Special Polish in black on top. I like this... or I would, if it weren't crooked. And I don't usually do nudes, but this reminds me of a bra -- nude with black lace. I'm also a little disturbed that I wanted my nails to look like a bra. :) This is also pre-cleanup (you can still see a little stamp overlap on my pinky) and I'm not sure when, exactly, I smudged my middle finger.