Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OPI Designer Series

Okay. I'm in love with the Designer Series polishes from OPI. Why do they have to be so dang expensive? I did find a place to get 'em cheap online, though, so that's something.

I own three of these. Here's what I have. :)

DS Mystery
A friend of mine saw this and said, "Dude!!! It's black with gold sparkles, you have to own this!" I saw this and said, "Dude!!! It's black with gold sparkles, I have to own this!" So I bought it and... um... it's not black. It's purple. Dark purple. With gold sparkles. I still love it.
This is it on my nails:

Look at the beautiful shimmeriness in this bottle!

The second one I own is DS Reserve. It's pink with some holographic glitter in it. It isn't as pale as the indoor photo makes it look, but also isn't as bright as the outdoor photo makes it look. It's really pretty. :)
This is indoors:

And this is outdoors:

The third one I own is MY FAVORITE. It may be my favorite nail polish EVER for right now. :) It's DS Extravagance and it's a sort of dark magenta with holographic glitter in it. I'm in love with this.
Here it is indoors:

And here it is outdoors:

I NEED all of these DS polishes! NEED them! I guess I NEED to get a better job, huh? :)

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