Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nicole by OPI

And this is it for me tonight! I have some more swatching to do, but I've made a nice dent in my collection the last few days. I've also picked up a few new things and have some stuff coming in the mail. Tomorrow, I plan to swatch the rest of what I have here at the house and then... I have some interesting posts planned. It's sort of nice to get the old stuff out of the way!

The first Nicole by OPI I have is called First Crush Blush. It's a nude/gold with some pink undertones. It's very neutral, but has some frost and flash to it. I wore this a lot when I was trying to quit biting my nails because it didn't call attention to my bitten off, raggedy fingernails. This photo isn't the best. Sorry for the sun flare on my middle two nails!

This one is a blue-green called Respect the World. I know indoor lighting isn't the best, but in outdoor lighting, this kept coming out as electric blue when it's NOT. This aqua has a lot more green than blue in it, to me. It's shimmery and quite pretty.

This! This is a silver holographic glitter called "Imagine If..." I love it! This is four coats for opacity -- and it WILL become opaque. But it also looks nice used as a topcoat over another polish. I love this!

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