Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dark and vampy OPIs

Also in Jill's package last week were three dark/vampy OPI polishes. Yay vampy!

Here are my swatches of each:


This looks very brown/brick red in indirect light or in low light.

In direct sunlight, it is considerably brighter.

I really loved this color! Really! One of my favorite types of nail polish is that super dark "blackened" polish that isn't really black with a little hidden shimmer in it.
This is Midnight in Moscow outdoors (you may need to click on this one to enlarge it in order to see the shimmer).

And this is Midnight in Moscow indoors.

The last of the dark OPIs is Lincoln Park After Dark which, for some reason, I neglected to photograph the bottom of the bottle like I did with the other two.
She sent this to me because I didn't have it and because I do have the Suede version of it. I knew the Suede was nothing like the original polish -- the original is much darker. This is a dark, dark eggplanty purple. I like it a lot. :)
Here it is indoors:

And outdoors:

And just for comparison, here's the suede version of it. The suede is a million times lighter, but I like it too.

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