Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wet n Wild Crystalic Color

I have somehow ended up with three of these. Two of these were $1 Big Lots specials -- I told you I can't pass up a good deal. Even if one of the colors was something I was pretty sure wasn't "me." They are also frosts, which I'm not a huge fan of, but you know... maybe someday I'll need these colors. You never know. I'm stocking up for the impending nail polish apocalypse.

This is called Jade Frost. Sorry for the indirect lighting, but in direct light, this just looks silver and it's really NOT. It's a seafoam green frost.

This second one is called Sandalwood Frost and it's a frosty bright pink. It's really not bad. I may wear this someday, who knows.

The last one is one I picked out myself and not because it was at Big Lots. :) It's called "Heavy Metal" and it's a dark grey with tiny little glitter sparkles in it. Silver and blue glitter, I think. At least, sometimes I see blue in it. I could be wrong.

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