Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Sally Hansens

I have five random Sally Hansens up for review. Wooo hoo. I was going to split these up, but two of them are the Sally Hansen Salons, and three are just randoms. So I'll put all five here. :)

First up is this Star Opal Nail Glaze in Rose Gold Opal that I've been toting around for a couple of years. It looks awful on its own, but is pretty sweet on top of a dark polish. For your benefit, I swatched it on my bare nails.... it just makes them look dirty and yellow. This is really a "glaze" and not a "polish."

Next we have the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening. I only bought this because I got it in my head one day that I needed a yellow polish, as it was a color I did not own. None of the Insta-Dri colors really do anything for me. I've thought a minute or two about buying some of them, but am always able to talk myself out of it. Anyway, I did this manicure over Christmas vacation. My boyfriend said it looked like corn.
Corn Manicure

Next is Sally Hansen HD in Three D. I sort of like the colors in this line, but this is the only one I've purchased. I purchased it for much the same reason as the Insta-Dri above, "I don't own any orange polish." I like this, though. It's pretty. It's sort of a shimmery coral -- it looks very pink in some lights. This is three coats.

Trying to get some more of the pink to show up:

Now we get to the two Salons. Plum Licorice was the first one I bought, and I did not buy another one until a couple of weeks ago when they started going on clearance. The formula on Plum Licorice SUCKS! It's watery and uneven and takes three thick, gloppy coats to cover the bald spots on my nails. However, once you get a decent coat on, it's a beautiful color. It just looks black in all my pictures, but it's really a dark, dark gray with some plum shimmer in it.

This second Salon made me wish I hadn't given up on this line so quickly after the horrible formula of Plum Licorice! This shade is called Haute Chocolate and it's a beautiful shimmery chocolate brown. The formula is great and I love the color. It's so pretty!

And just for *ahem* kicks and giggles, here is the Star Opal Nail Glaze over Haute Chocolate. Look at how purply it turned out!

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