Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Morning!

It's Monday, and while all y'all government employees have the day off (jerks!), I am sitting at work, playing on my little netbook, waiting for stuff to break since that is the nature of my job.

I added more blogs to my bloglist. I want to add every nail polish blog there is. I appreciate the followers I've amassed in the last week or so, and I want to try to help other people out. :)

Anyway, today I'm going to post some colors I swatched over the weekend. Some of them are the ones Jill sent me. I think I may hold off on posting the pictures I took of the dark OPIs she sent because I couldn't get decent sunlight at all on Saturday or Sunday because it was raining all weekend. The colors really just look black unless they are under direct sunlight, and none of them are actually black. I'm off work Wednesday, but guess what?? It's supposed to rain! So we'll see. There's always next weekend.

I also have some packages coming in the mail. They were in Atlanta yesterday, but since today's a postal holiday, I suppose they'll be here tomorrow. Hooray! (And HOORAY for Amazon gift certificates!)

So, one of the polishes Jill sent was Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond. I love this! It's a lovely holographic silver. I really want to try layering some sheer colors over this to see if I can get different-colored holos out of this. The application was easier than the one China Glaze OMG I own. This formula was pretty thin and a little sheer -- I used three coats.

This was the Maybelline Express Finish in Bolt of Blue. It was a sheer sky blue with silver glitter in it. This was either three or four coats, and I managed to smudge my pinky.

This color drove my CRAZY trying to photograph it. I was inside at night (there's error number one -- although I usually get decent lighting and accurate colors in my kitchen because it's bright in there). I was using my little Nikon and decided to switch to my Canon and STILL could not get this color to photograph accurately. So I left it alone. I may reswatch it if it's ever sunny on one of my off days. This is Petites in Dare. This is a really interesting color. It was a dusty royal blue, if that makes sense. It also had some small silver glitter and some silver flakes in it. It's a really pretty color that my camera HATES!
The color is NOT as bright as this picture would have you believe, but you can see the flakes in it pretty well. :)

This is slightly more color-accurate.

This is actually a color I picked up at Dollar Tree. You would be surprised at what old-ass discontinued nail polish you can find at Dollar Tree. And now that I know that polish revivers exist, I don't worry about them being thick or goopy or dried up because I can totally fix that. :)
This is a Sally Hansen shade called Trendy Creme. Sidenote -- I am actually on a sort of hunt for a nice olive green. I don't own a good olive green. I thought this might be it, but this is too light. I'd call it "avocado." I used to live in this ratty old studio apartment, and all the appliances in it were this color.

And this is one of the new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears in Wet Cement. I have no idea why this color appeals to me. It's a straight light grey. You know, like wet cement. :)

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