Sunday, January 24, 2010

A couple of recent polish jobs

I went to Sally the other day and was checking out the clearance rack. I found a 2-pack of Orly Enchanted Forest and Prisma Gloss Gold. It was marked $3.99, but it rang up at $1.99! Score! So then I had to try them both out, of course. I really like Enchanted Forest. I don't own any green cremes, I don't believe, and I only own one other dark green polish. The prisma gloss was pretty, too, and it dried super fast. I just don't like having to shake it up to get the glitter particles to disperse. And the glitter could be more dense. Just sayin. :)
Here's what I did. This is two coats of Enchanted Forest with two coats of Prisma Gloss:

Another cool thing I recently got was a set of Fauxnad plates. They are much cheaper than Konad, but I don't like the designs as much. The Konad designs seem sharper, somehow. BUT, there are a lot of pretty little floral designs on these, and for the price, they're just fine. :) So this morning I woke up, painted my nails with Orly Goth, and then used one of the Sally Hansen Chrome nail polish pens to Konad. Those Sally Hansen pens SUCK. Man, I wanted the Sally Hansen Chromes back, but not like this! I cannot even get my nails painted at all with the brush on that pen. I can, however, polish a nail stamping plate! I put roses on my thumbs and little heart... things... on the rest of my fingers.

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