Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh Maybelline

I'll be singing Chuck Berry for the rest of the night!

So, I actually own three Maybelline polishes, but I'm only posting two of them here because the third one is pretty boring and ancient.

I don't usually buy Maybellines because the colors don't pop out at me. On occasion, though, they'll have a color that just speaks to me!

This first one is a pretty glittery red called Red Comet. It's red glitter in a red jelly base. I actually used this with China Glaze Emerald Sparkle (alternating fingers) as a Christmas manicure. Too bad I didn't take a picture, huh? Next year...

The second one is a color I saw at a drugstore a year or so ago (it's still being sold) and just HAD to have. I was sort of disappointed. It's called "Go Go Green," and it's way too yellowy-gold for my taste. Meh. It's pretty much just a yellow-green shimmer.

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