Thursday, January 21, 2010

China Glaze Lubu Heels

I filed my nails down today! I was sort of sad to file them down, but I do a lot with my hands, and I type all day at work, so I cannot deal with super long nails.

This is another color I picked up with my Amazon gift card. I'd been drooling over Rescue Beauty Lounge's Black Russian, but cannot force myself to pay $18 for it! So I got a similar "black with red glitter" shade for much cheaper.

I really like this! The black is sheer enough that you can actually see the red glitter. On the other hand, the black is so sheer that it requires three coats. To quote me, earlier tonight, "3 coats turned this from 'oh, this is pretty' to 'hot shit.'" I keep checking the sparklies in different types of lighting. :)

This'll be my color for work tomorrow.




  1. Lubu is one of my favorites! It looks great on you!

  2. Great pictures! I can never really capture the glitter!

  3. I love the Lubu Heels on you. I've been eyeing that one for a while now.

    So, are you lusting for the American Apparel polishes? These swatches make them look pretty tasty.

  4. Ive always loved this color, so hot!