Sunday, January 10, 2010


Oh yeah, I'm on a cheap nail polish ROLL tonight.
Alas, this is the last of my super cheap nailpolish collection.

I have three Petites polishes. Two of them have been hanging out in my makeup collection for years.

The first is a shade called Cabernet. This was, once upon a time, my go-to nail polish color. I cannot remember how many years ago that was. Six? Seven? It's been awhile. But this bottle is still kickin, and it's still a pretty, deep red. Pardon the specks on my fingers in this pic. I think it's glitter from an earlier polish? Not sure, but they're gone now. :)

This is a shimmery pinky-gold called Rose Quartz. The formula on this was really thickened up, so the application was a bit gloopy. I've also been carrying this one around for years. I have some polish restorer, but am not sure that I want to waste it on this particular polish. I might just let this one die a natural death.

And this... this is a very sheer iridescent blue called Ocean Breeze. It's very pretty, but never achieves opacity. It might, but this is four coats and I was losing patience. However, this looks really cool layered over a black polish.

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