Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The wayback machine

So I was chatting with my future sister-in-law today about nail polish, as we are apt to do sometimes, and the subject of nice polishes from days past came up.

Truthfully, I'm pretty new to the whole nail polish thing. Sort of. I bit my nails as a child and teenager, but quit biting them around 2000-2001 and sort of got into nail polish then, but I was strictly a cheap drugstore polish girl back then. Then I started biting my nails again and finally quit, I guess, a year or two ago? After that, I realized I can actually grow nice nails (cuticles may be another story, those take a lot of work but I'm hard on my hands, too), and sort of started paying attention to nail polish.

Anyway, even though I bit my nails as a teenager, I LOVED Revlon's Street Wear when I was in high school -- mid 90s. I also loved Sally Hansen's Chrome Nail Makeup during my first experience with long nails, 8 or 10 years ago. I wish those lines would come back, because they were awesome!

What do you wish would come back?

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  1. I miss the first round of Street Wear, which had a lot of greyed out mid tones. Then they released new, frosty pastel colors with the same names as the greyed out midtones, and I never got over it. I'm hoarding what I still have.

    But what I miss most is the old L'Oreal in the squarish bottles. They used to come out with the most awesome colors in their seasonal promotions. The first yellows, greens, blues, and greys that I ever found in drugstores came from that line. I saw you mentioned the current L'Oreal in a recent post, and I agree that what they have now is *boring*!!!