Friday, January 8, 2010

OPI Mattes!

I actually have enough swatches photographed and enough time before bed to make two more posts. Oh yeah, I rule. :)

I only bought three of the OPI Mattes, and I hate two of them. There, I said it. I liked the suedes much better. The OPI mattes were too chalky and gloopy and brushstroke-y to me. Ick. This is why I buy so much drugstore polish -- it's much easier to stomach wasting $1 or even $4 on ugly polish than it is wasting $8 or $9.

Also, I think this is one of the ugliest nail colors I've ever seen. The color itself isn't so bad, but the color as a matte is putrid and terrible and... I should probably try this with a topcoat.
This is OPI in Gargantuan Green Grape Matte:

This is OPI Russian Navy Matte. It's okay, just way too dark. Also, I asked my coworker one day what she thought about it and she said, "Umm, your fingers look like you're dead."

Here it is in slightly better light so you can see that it is, in fact, dark blue and not black:

And here is the one OPI Matte that I own and really like. And I'm not even a "pink" person, but this is gorgeous. It's a little shimmery and satiny and just HOT. It's La Paz Itively Hot Matte:


  1. Must. Get. La Paz Matte. I need to start 2010 with a new OPI. :)
    LOVE this blog!

  2. I bet you can find it online on the cheap, since Trade Secret was clearing out their mattes and suedes last week. I really wish I'd gotten more of the suedes. I like them a lot.

  3. LOVE the Russian Navy Matte. I'm surprise too since I don't usually like dark blues or blacks.

    Also, I have some nail polish in green orange and pink (neons) I'd like to send you. my e-mail is

    Shoot me your address & I'll mail them up to ya!

  4. @dr-petty Cool! I'll email you. By the way, Trade Secret currently has all the OPI mattes and suedes 50% off -- or at least they did when I was in there Saturday.