Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well, I'd hoped for better weather when I swatched this, but today in North Georgia, it is cold and raining and cloudy. So my indoor pics actually turned out better than my outdoor pics.

So, I think I need a couple of these polishes. I don't want to shell out $25 right this minute, but in a couple of weeks, I believe I will. :)

This doesn't compare to OPI Merry Midnight. They are both purply jelly polishes and both have flakies, but the Nfu-Oh is much cooler-looking and more interesting.

Merry Midnight is more of a plum color, with micro glitter and a few flakies. 51 is more of an inky blurple with a whole crap-ton of flakies. 51 looks pretty on its own, but it really, really shines over black.

And now I'll quit running my mouth and post some pictures!

Here are the two polishes on their own. I used three coats of each. 51 is on my index and ring finger. Merry Midnight is on my middle and pinky. This is taken indoors:

And this is taken outdoors:

So then, I put on one coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme, let that dry, and topped it with two coats of 51 and Merry Midnight. Again, 51 is on my index and ring fingers, and Merry Midnight is on my middle and pinky. THIS is where you can really see how much cooler 51 is than Merry Midnight. This shot was taken outdoors. Look at all that duochromatic flaky goodness!

And this is outdoors:

Tomorrow I am going to do a full mani of 51 over black. It's supposed to be sunny, and I think I'll try to get better outdoor pics. I have some other stuff I want to swatch tomorrow, so I'll do that, then give myself a full mani. Then I will have to return 51 to her rightful owner.

Thanks a lot, Teresa, for letting me borrow this polish!


  1. Flakies are the best invention ever!

  2. And don't forget your MUA account gives you a discount. And free shipping. I love me some free shipping.