Sunday, March 28, 2010


I did some swatching and photographing today. Why is it that every time I have the time and inclination to do this it looks like this outside?


Where is the SUN?!?!

Also, here's something I've been withholding from my readers. When I was out of town last weekend, I went in an Icing, and found the black glitters set on clearance for $5. They were regularly $16! So I snapped those right up! I'm going to wear one a day every workday this week and post the results next weekend.
These are five different colors of glitter in a sheer black base. Whee. Here's a rather terrible picture of the set.

So, we have a special needs cat. He LOVES me. I am his favorite human EVAR. It's okay, I love him too. However, he really, REALLY needed some attention as I was painting my nails today. I finally became amused enough to try to get pictures. They're cool because he was moving around so much he looks like a ghost kitty in some of these!


This is when he finally just flopped down on me.

And here he is GLARING at me! Demanding attention! Needy cat!


  1. A black glitter set??? Not at my Icing! Gahhh why are you so lucky! I do have the one black with all the rainbow glitter from Icing though. Aww what a cute kitty <3 My cat gets annoyed when I do makeup/nails cus I'm not devoting all my attention to her :P

  2. @Heather - There is no Icing in my town! The closest one is an hour away at the Mall of Georgia. I guess since we're "so close" to Atlanta, we don't get a lot of stuff here, shopping-wise. It's still an hour to an hour and a half drive, though.

    I also have the Icing polish of which you speak -- Blackout! It's fabulous!

    My cat gets annoyed when I'm not paying attention to him. Period. LOL. I love him a lot, though. :)