Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nail of the day... with flakies

Man. I thought about swatching all the polishes I won from Chromatic Misadventures' blog giveaway today. But I overdid it last night and me and my hangover didn't feel like painting my nails over and over.

I DID grab the Street Wear "Tar" she sent and the Colorama flaky topcoat in "Ruby Rays" and came up with something even JJ thinks is awesome.

MAN, I remember seeing those Colorama polishes and never bought them when they were actually being sold. I didn't know about the joy of flakies back then! DAMMIT! If only I'd known!!

Here is what I used:

Look at the flaky goodness in the bottle:

And when you put the two together you get this! It's awesome! The flakies switch from red to orange to yellow to green, depending on the angle and the lighting. It's like having nails OF FIRE.