Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nails of the last three days

Man, I've been so busy at work lately and then so tired when I get home that I don't want to take the time to upload pictures and post them. So, my apologies for not being on top of this!

I have just about abandoned Seche Vite in favor of Poshe topcoat. I started suffering from the dreaded tip shrinkage (that sounds dirty but isn't). It's when you use Seche Vite as your topcoat and within hours you can see the tips of your nails. It grabs the polish underneath the topcoat and shrinks it. Meh. Poshe doesn't dry as quickly, but it doesn't shrink either.

But anyway!

Here were my nails on Tuesday, March 16. I used Wet N Wild Morbid. I really dig this color. It's almost black, but has enough green shimmer to be interesting. I cannot remember if the reason you can see the tips of my nails is because of shrinkage or if it's because I've been really hard on my hands this week. My new job is much more hands-on than my last job and I come home nearly every day with the tips worn.


This was my St. Patrick's Day mani, which sounded much cooler in my head. I used China Glaze Emerald Sparkle and stamped the houndstooth Konad design on top using Orly solid gold. Then I threw some tacky nail stickers on my ring finger. It was festive. :D

Today I used the second polish I got from the Orly Sweet collection -- Gumdrop. I LOVE this color. I was expecting it to be much more green, but it's a really pretty turquoise. I would like to do a side-by-side comparison of this with China Glaze For Audrey. Maybe Sunday I'll spend some time comparing polishes and taking pictures.

I've been using Orly Bonder lately as my basecoat. This was done using Bonder, two coats of Gumdrop (although the formula on this is freaking awesome -- I probably could have just done one coat), and a coat of Poshe on top. Let me tell you, I was HARD on my hands today. I was moving stuff around and opening up computers and was just generally rough on my nails today. I just knew that this was going to chip or wear off, but I took this photo at the end of the day, after I got home, and had barely any wear at all. You can see a minor ding and minimal tip wear, but nothing major. Good stuff!



  1. Lovely nails. I think I may try Poshe too. I get the tip shrinkage most of the time too.

  2. @susie - i really prefer poshe to seche these days. try it!

    @emma - thanks. i liked it a lot too. :)