Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cheat Day

So, I'm not wearing green today.
I am going to a friend's Alice in Wonderland-themed party later on this afternoon. We're supposed to dress in appropriate attire, but uh, I don't have any Wonderland-y attire, so I'm just going to go looking... insane. When in doubt as to what to wear, go for the insane and/or homeless look.

Anyhoo... Of course I had to do something fancy to my nails. And of course I had to use one of the OPI Alice in Wonderland polishes. And of course there are no greens in that set. So, I'll go back to greens tomorrow (probably tonight, actually). But for today, it's blue and gold.

I sort of did the ruffian-inspired thing. Except, instead of using a dark color on my tips, I used Absolutely Alice. I painted my nails with Orly Solid Gold, applied tip guides around the base of my nails, and slathered on a few coats of Absolutely Alice on the top part. I like how this brings out the gold glitter in AA. This could've been neater (yeah, if someone else were doing it!) but I like it anyway. :)