Friday, March 5, 2010

Green of the day and a request for input!

Helloooo! Last night JJ picked out the green from the pastel set from Claire's. Ya know, I really didn't care much for this one when I swatched it, but with careful application and a good topcoat, it's definitely growing on me. Like a fungus.


In other news, I am getting married in 62 days and I need to decide if I'm going to do my own nails or spring for a professional manicure. I'm getting hitched on the beach, barefoot, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna spring for a professional pedicure since my toes are effing nas-tay. But if I do my own nails... whatever shall I do? What color? Konad? No Konad? Sexy? Innocent? TOO MANY OPTIONS!

Another obsession of mine is BPAL. Granted, I'm not as into BPAL as I was a year or two ago, but it's still there. WHAT PERFUME AM I GONNA WEAR?!? OMG! I hate decisions!

With these types of obsessions, how have I not ended up on Hoarders yet? I joke about that show, but for real, the boy and I are both packrats and my house cleaning skills are sadly lacking. But I watch that show and feel better. My house may not be sparkling clean, but it's picked up. I mean, we do at least shove shit into closets sometimes. Jeez. :D


  1. For your wedding nails, I picture a sandy, beachy, neutral color, but with tons of sparkly texture.

    Maybe you should swatch a bunch of options, and let your readers weigh in. Wedding skittles!

  2. Oh, and the Now Smell This forum does something called Monday Mail, where they help someone choose a fragrance. You should totally do that.

    Click the links to see some examples. Picking wedding perfume is a common topic.

  3. What does your dress look like for your wedding and do you want me to make you some barefoot sandles for it?

  4. mani/pedi my treat. Welcome to the family! :o)