Sunday, March 21, 2010

No buy FAIL

Yeeeeah, I fell HARD off that no-buy wagon. Well, sorta hard. I fell anyway. At least what I bought was cheap! Super cheap! Dollar Tree cheap!

I spent a great deal of time today swatching, but I'll not post it all today.

What I will post are the goodies I picked up at Dollar Tree. Enjoy!

Maybelline - Touch of Taupe. This is a light taupe. I don't believe I have a taupe this light (well, I do now). It applied nicely in two coats.

Then I picked up two Sally Hansen Salons. The first one is "Stormy Blue," which is a slate blue that is nearly gunmetal gray. It's just okay. The formula was alright. This is two coats.

Then we have Arabian Night. I showed you this on my jacked up feet, but here it is on my hand. For the life of me, I could not pick up this color or the shimmer accurately. I'd describe this as a blurple (not quite blue, not quite purple) with gold shimmer in it. This really is a super awesome color. You may want to click on it to see the larger version.

Then we have Maybelline Salon Expert in Riveting Ruby. It's a red jelly with what looked like gold shimmer in the bottle. The gold does not show up on the nail, though. It's still pretty. I'll probably wear this on my toes soon.

Last is NYC Metallic Nail Glossies in Molten Metal. This is a really pretty foil-y pewter color. I really like this a lot! It's almost as shiny and blingy as the Orly FoilFX colors, but not quite. Still, this was part of a Dollar Tree 2-pack, and is well worth the 50 cents I paid for it.


  1. Great haul! My Dollar Tree only has really old stuff, so you lucked out. I really love the Touch of Taupe and the Arabian nights.

  2. Arabian Nights looks really good on your hands!

  3. Arabian Nights is going on my wishlist!

  4. Y'all... I wish they'd had more than one bottle of Arabian Night at the Dollar Tree! I picked up the only one. Maybe they'll have one at the other Dollar Tree and I really can do a blog giveaway... hrmmm!