Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sooo... I've been wearing Claire's mood polishes all week this week. I've been withholding pictures until I've worn them all. Post to follow, probably Saturday since I will be out doing the happy hour thing tomorrow after work. :)

BUT! When I last ventured to Claire's, there was a whole bunch of stuff on clearance AND there was scented nail polish. I had to buy! Buy! BUY! I'm such a sucker.

Here's what I got.
First up, I got two of the scented polishes, in Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy is better scented than Bubble Gum. They are both sheer glitter polishes, with small and large hexagonal glitters. I can't remember how many coats I used in my swatches -- it was either three or four. These would probably be good for layering, but who knows how that would effect the scent.

Here's Bubble Gum:

And here's Cotton Candy:

I also picked up these two polishes on clearance. They had a thing going on where all of their clearance stuff was 50% off the lowest price, so I got both of these for $1 or so.

Rockstar (which reminds me vaguely of the Orly Foil FX stuff, but less shiny):

And Hollywood, which is an AWESOME silver/white with small silver glitter and larger holographic glitter. I love this! I need to layer it over something.

Furthermore, I will be doing a blog giveaway. It is written. I think I'll go for it when I hit 75 followers. But I'm buying stuff now to be given away once I hit that mark. Maybe before. I got my package from Chromatic Misadventures today, and feel the need to pay it forward. Details to follow.


  1. THAT was Quick!!! Did everything arrive safely? I hope you like the polish =P

    -Chromatic Misadventures

  2. I like the look of Hollywood.

  3. the first two look similar in style to that new lippmann one. can't remember the name (the silver foil one with the hexes) so cute!

  4. What the hell! These are all so cute and I want each one! But every time I go to Claire's it's all icky boring generic creme polishes :( I will just have to drool over your pictures...

  5. @Heather - Look in the back on the clearance table! That's where I got most of these. :)

  6. I have never even thought to walk that far into the mob of 11 year olds... lol next time I go to the mall I'll check that out! Thanks for the tip :)