Monday, March 1, 2010

Orlys and Ultas and China Glazes, oh my

So, this is the last of the stuff I got last week. I'm on a no buy til May. MAY!!! Hehe. I need to use what I have, though, and not end up on A&E's Hoarders, so it's just as well.

I have 3 Ultas, 3 Orlys, and 3 China Glazes to show you. Let's start with the crappiest ones -- the Ultas.

So, a couple of weeks ago, Ulta had this deal where if you spent $17.50, you got a bag o' their makeup for free. I'd never used Ulta's brand makeup before, and finding $17.50 worth of stuff to get wasn't that hard, so, you know, score. Note: I am not a fan of Ulta's makeup. Srsly. Oh well, it was free. Anyway, I ordered one nail polish and two polishes came in the free bag o' makeup. The one I actually paid for was pretty cool. The two free ones were NOT.

This is what I bought -- After Party. It's silver and red glitter in a clear base. This was... 3 or 4 coats. I'd probably layer this over a red if I were actually wearing it and not just swatching it, but this is all by its lonesome.

The two free polishes I got were Sunny Romance of St. Tropez, a shimmery yellow, and Something Blue, a shimmery medium blue.

These were both pretty sheer, and sort of hard to use. Look at this brush! It's miniscule!

And this is FIVE COATS. And I don't even like yellow. But I didn't have a shimmery yellow, so, you know, welcome to the collection.

This is Something Blue. It's ok. Pretty enough. I don't hate it. I'll probably never wear it again. At least it was free. This was, I believe, 3 coats.

So, basically, the Ultas get a big ol' "meh" from me.

On to the Orlys!
So I got two of the Foil FX polishes and the only one of the Sweets collection that blew my skirt up (at the time... I am now sort of lemming a couple more of the sweets, but we'll see how I feel in May).

I love the Foil FX! It's so shiny-shiny and pretty!
This is Shine.

And this is Rage, which I loved way more than I thought I was gonna! It's Rose Gold and/or Bronze depending on your definition.

And this is Snowcone! I don't have another blue like this. I really like it! This is one coat...

So I picked up Metallic Muse, because I didn't own a green chrome and also because I wanted to use it for Konad. I swatched it anyway. ;) The bubbles are awful.

I also picked up another of the OMG collection - QT. It's awesome! Dark pink holo!

ANNNNND... I got Grape Pop from the Up and Away collection. At first I was really wanting some of the pastels in that collection, but when it came time to order I talked myself out of it. Grape Pop is a really nice "royal" purple creme. I also don't own another color quite like this -- my darker purples are all shimmers. :)

SO... what now? I think tonight I'm going to pull out all my greens and try to do a green a day til St. Patrick's Day. I'm pretty sure I own 17 greens. If not, I'll see what I can do about having a different green-themed mani every day til St Pat's.


  1. OMG I must go back to Sally's and get those Foil FX polishes. Look great on you!

  2. I'm dying to try Rage!

    Also, no updates until May? Boooooooo...

  3. I have the After Party polish. I wore it last Friday and everyone wanted to know where I got it. The yellow is really pretty.

  4. I'll be updating between now and May, I'm just not buying any new polish. :)