Saturday, March 6, 2010

Green of the day!

Today it's China Glaze DV8. This does lean blue, although not as blue as this photo would lead you to believe, but it's green enough. And I like it a lot. :)

Today JJ and I are going to go see Alice in Wonderland (yippie!) and then go eat tasty foods. He's been a little sickly for the last few days. It'll be good to get out.

And it's beautiful today! I think I have seen more snow in the last year than I've seen in my entire life. This is Georgia, people! If I wanted snow, I'd go live... somewhere where they are supposed to get snow. I hope this crap is over. It's supposed to be in the 60s for the next several days and that is perfectly fine by me!

Anywho, I wanted something sparkly and not boring for our hot date today, and this is what he picked out of my bucket o' greens. Good job, JJ!


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