Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two Sally Hansens

So, I already blogged about the Borghese I bought when I got these two SH polishes.

Now I want to talk about the SH's.
It's funny -- I only picked up Grape Going because I could get it half off and it looked sorta neat, but I think I might like it better than the other two!

I've read a lot of buzz in the nail polish blogosphere about Opulent Cloud, so when I saw it just hanging out at Walgreens, I had to grab it. I do like this color. It's hard to put your finger on what color it is, exactly. Sort of a gray/lavender/taupe with gold shimmer?? But it's almost metallic?
In this photo, it definitely looks more grey.

In this one, you can distinctly see the purple in it.

Now... ahhh, Grape Going. I'd passed this color by numerous times. I'd picked it up before and put it back down, thinking, "Ehh..." I am so glad I bought it! It's awesome! I couldn't photograph it accurately because you just can't photograph awesome. It's a nice bright violet shade with electric blue shimmer. It's so pretty!
This is in natural light:

This is indoors:

Also indoors:


  1. Great swatches, I love Opulent Cloud!

  2. we don't have opulent cloud where i live.. they dont even have a space for it on the display.
    saaad panda. :(

  3. @Cara - I actually found it on a table in a display and not with the rest of the SH HDs. If that helps...