Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stellare Notte

I actually kept this mani on for two whole days trying to get adequate sunlight in which to photograph it, but it never happened! Ahh!

Anyway, this color is sort of like a purple/charcoal duochrome with some teal shimmer and sparkle to it.

In most lighting, though, it just looks like a shimmery charcoal. The duochromeness doesn't show up on the nails as much as it does in the bottle, either.

Another thing -- the wear on this polish is not so good. I got a chip the first night (I repaired it) and I had some horrible, horrible wear at my tips by the time I took it off today. Remember folks, I just put this on Friday afternoon.

This is indoors. You can sort of see the purpley-ness here:
003 (2)

Indoors with a flash. There's the teal I was telling you about. :)
005 (2)

By a window - natural light.

Also by a window.

Overall, I was disappointed by this polish. The chipping and horrible tipwear, for one, and the fact that this looked way, way cooler in the bottle than on my nails. Granted, there were times that this polish looked grey to me, times it looked purple, and times it looked green/blue, and that sort of change is cool, but it was extremely hard to photograph it.

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