Thursday, February 18, 2010

Holos Holos Holos!

Yay! I finally put on my last holographic polish this morning and snapped a pic, so I can make my holo post!

I have one more polish to swatch, but that may not happen til early next week because I need to clean my messy apartment ASAP. I have a friend coming in from out of town next weekend, but I have to work this weekend. Priorities, meh.

I swatched most of these on a rainy, gray day here last week (was it last week? it seems like ages ago), and should probably re-swatch them today, while it's sunny, but I simply do not have time.

So... here we go.

First up is China Glaze OMG. It's a lovely holographic silver. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I should just pick up the rest of this collection (or as much of it as I can get -- it's a couple of years old). I have OMG and DV8.
This is OMG outdoors in crappy light.

This is in my kitchen -- you can actually see the holo-ness better here.

This is Color Club Wild at Heart. It's a very nice purple holo. Also in my kitchen. I really do need to re-do these. ONE DAY...

This is Color Club Revvvolution. It's a charcoal gray holo that didn't come out nearly as holo as I wanted it to on my nails. This is also indoors.

This is Icing Blackout. It's not really a holo, per se, but is a black polish with holographic glitter. I loved this in the bottle, and it was nice on my nails too, but holy crap that brush was bushy and hard to work with. It was like trying to paint my nails with a tiny mop.

This is the first Milani holo I tried -- Cyberspace. I snapped this early in the morning before leaving for work on Monday. I really liked this one! It looks most holographic under fluorescent light. I just took it off this morning, so I could put on my other Milani holo.

And this is what I am currently wearing. Milani in Hi-Tech. Also... see how short my nails are now?!? I need to get to crafting... house cleaning first. Yech. This one had a really strong holo effect in direct sunlight.

Til next time! Hopefully I won't dawdle on my house cleaning and will have more interesting nail stuff to show you soon. :) Also -- I think my craving for holos has been thoroughly sated now.


  1. For sure pick up the rest of the OMG collection if you can, I think most are still available on the e-tailers, and they're great for Konad & for marbling =)

  2. Love the Holos...all your missing is Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail charm :)

  3. The degree to which our nail polish tastes overlap amuses me.