Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surprise Haul!

Hehe. It's not a haul if you had no idea it was coming, right?

Anyway, a week or two ago I hooked my cousin in Houston up with Windows 7. As a thank you, she sent me this box of beauty stuff! It's awesome! She included 9 polishes, one of which is a Taiwanese polish with flakies.. woot! I'm going to do my best to swatch all of them in the next day or two. :)

This is what all she sent me:

And check out my sexy man lighter. His name is Tom Design. Why? Because that's what it says on the lighter! Tom Design! Clearly that is his name and not the name of the company that produced this, right??


  1. So glad you like it, Liss!

  2. Very nice haul. The lighter really adds a "SPECIAL" touch eh? :)

  3. I'm thinking Tom Design has a boyfriend lol. The gaydar bells and whistles are going off loud and clear lol. He is a cutie though....I coulda done without seeing his pubes though LMAO.