Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good morning!!

Has it really been four days since I've posted here? Man, I've been super busy. But! I do have two posts to make today, and hopefully some more in coming days.

I also created a new blog that has absolutely nothing to do with nail polish or makeup, but everything to do with Google's abysmally bad transcription of voicemails. Go check it out, it's sort of funny:

Now that my pimping is done...

I ventured to TJ Maxx last week and they had 4-packs of mini Essies for $8. I've bought a lot of Essie lately, since I keep finding it on sale. Funny, since I'm not really a huge fan of Essie.

Anyway, I picked up a 4-pack that had Funky Limelight, Showstopper, a glittery red polish that I'm pretty sure is actually named Ruby Slippers even though the label on my bottle says RUBIES Slippers, and a mini bottle of Trillionails. What an odd combination, huh? There were some other odd 4-packs, but this one appealed to me the most. :)

Here's everything but the Trillionails:

This is Funky Limelight. It's a neon yellow. Like, highlighter yellow. I can't remember if I used 3 or 4 coats in this picture, but there was still some visible nail line.

This is Showstopper. It's a pretty berry-red with gold shimmer. I was sort of disappointed in this one -- it looked much prettier in the bottle than it did on my nails.

And this is Ruby Slippers. Eh. I've used better glittery reds. The coverage on this was decent (2 coats), but I wanted MOAR GLITTER!

I also broke down and purchased the one polish I was coveting from Spring collection, Lilacism. I LOVE this color, and I never thought I'd be much of one for pastel purple. It makes my nails look super long! (Actually, they're getting fairly long because I can't seem to make myself file them down!)
The formula was a little streaky to me, and I ended up using 3 coats for decent coverage, but I love it anyway.


I ALSO picked up Essie "Castaway" at Trade Secret for $2! It's on my toes. I haven't put it on my fingers yet. I don't take pictures of my toenails because they are fugly, so, you'll just have to wait. It's a cute, girly bubblegum pink. :)


  1. I love these colors! Castaway is a great cheery color!
    PS I tagged you for a blog award! :)

  2. @Evil Angel - Sweet! Running to your blog now to check. :)