Thursday, February 25, 2010

My first Zoyas

I'm going to make this post, but be aware that I seem to be under attack by pollen even though it's freezing outside and I'm all doped up on Benadryl at the moment. I feel alternately like my head is stuffed with cotton balls and like I'm stoned out of my gourd.

So one of the packages I got in the mail Monday were the Zoyas I ordered when they were running their special last week.

I love them! All of these were two coats. I did find the formula to be slightly gloopy on Blair, but I think I'll just add a couple drops of thinner to it and it should be fine.
Here's what I got. From left to right: Reece, Dea, Ibiza, and Blair.

The first one I tried was Reece. This is gorgeous! It's a nice bright magenta with gold flash/shimmer. I couldn't really decide if it was flash or if it was shimmer. I had a hard time capturing the gold-ness anyway.
This is indoors:

And this is outdoors:

This is Dea. It's a medium brown creme. I didn't have any brown cremes in my collection, and this one is nice. :)

This is Ibiza. A nice navy blue shimmer that I think I'll be putting on tonight when I get home.

And this is Blair. This color is sexy! I love it! It's actually on my fingers and my toes today. A nice sexy, metallic-y dark red with a nice shimmer to it. I had to take three pictures!



I still have a bunch of pictures I haven't posted, but I'll post them later when I feel less stoned!


  1. Those are beautiful colors; you picked out good ones!

  2. Isla is another red from ZOYA that is breathtaking on the nail!

  3. I have some Zoyas on the way. Adina, Talullah, Kotori, and Jo. Heavy on the blues, with one green/purple duochrome thrown in. :-)

    We need to go out soon.