Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some randoms

Here are some randoms I've just had lying around. Stuff I picked up for a dollar or two, stuff I've been meaning to try out but just hadn't. So I swatched it all today. Yay!

Wet N' Wild Caribbean Frost. It's a teal frost. It's ok. I think I got this on clearance for 50 cents someplace, so I don't feel bad saying I'll probably never wear this again. It's not a bad color, just way frosty for me.

L.A. Colors in Amethyst. This is actually a really nice glittery purple. It's a medium bright purple. I think this was three coats. Please excuse my ring finger, clearly I banged it into something. :D I picked this up at Dollar General one day.

Orly Blue Suede. My love of all things matte is fading fast. I do like this a LOT better than OPI Russian Navy Matte, but the OPI mattes were generally crappy anyway. This is a good navy that doesn't look *black*.

Pure Ice - Magic. WOW! I've read numerous times that Pure Ice is a great drugstore brand, but I'd never actually bought any of it before. This will be changing. I picked this up on a whim last night and I love it! The formula was great, the color is interesting, and it was only $2! Sweet! I had to take a bunch of pictures of this.
Natural light:

With flash:

In direct sunlight - OMG THE SPARKLEZ!!!

Finger Paints Icy Iris is last.
Holy mother of God, I love this color! It's a dark eggplanty-purple with teeny tiny lighter purple glitter in it. This is actually my current mani. I hope to leave it on til Tuesday... if I have that much patience.

And that is all until I get my Claire's pastels swatched. I really am excited to use those, I have no idea why I wanted to get everything else outta the way first. :)

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