Friday, February 5, 2010

Indoor swatching, blah

So, it's been gross and gray and rainy all day long today. I got quite a bit of swatching done, actually, but they're all indoor photographs since I have better lighting indoors today than outdoors.

I did manage to get out this afternoon because I needed gas in my car. I am on a freaking mission to find those stupid Milani 3D holographic polishes, but I was foiled not once but twice today and decided to come on home. I've found the new Milani neons and nail art pens at K-Mart, but no holos. I went to Walgreens, where they have a whole section with a big "Milani" sign over it, but no Milani anything underneath it. I DID, however, find a couple of other polishes I'd been lemming at Walgreens -- Borghese Stellare Notte and Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud. I also picked up SH Insta-Dri Grape Going, since the SH polishes were buy 1, get 1 half off. And that is IT for my polish-buying for now. I swear.
See the pretties!

Anyway, after that, I ran by CVS, where there was a tag on the REGULAR Milani polishes that clearly read "Milani 3D Holographic polishes, $4.99." Which would be awesome if, you know, they actually HAD the polishes. Which they didn't. So I came home.

I put on Stellare Notte once I got home and went to photograph it and my camera would not focus on anything, which is usually a sign that the batteries are dying. We usually have freshly charged batteries in the charger, but not today. Oh well, it's supposed to actually be sunny tomorrow (although I have to work), so hopefully I'll be able to get a shot of it tomorrow.

Now that I'm done bellyachin', here's what I've swatched from my haul yesterday.

China Glaze Flying Dragon. How awesome is this color? It's Play-Doh purple with blue glitter in it! The formula was awful, awful, awful, though. It evened out okay in three coats, but it had me worried through the first two coats.

China Glaze Blue Sparrow. This is from the same collection as Flying Dragon, but the formula was 1000 times easier. This is just two coats. I also love this, but not quite as much as I love Flying Dragon. If I could get Flying Dragon's color with Blue Sparrow's formula, I'd be a happy girl.

After the China Glazes, I swatched the Sally Hansens I got yesterday. First up was Lacquer Shine in Glow. Meh. This is the third color I own that is very similar to this. It's a spring green with yellow shimmer. It's pretty enough, but I don't need three of these.

This is Lacquer Shine in Lustrous. It's a nice black creme. Seems as if it might have a greenish base, but it's definitely all black on the nails -- no shimmer or anything. This was two coats.

This was the first Fire Opal I decided to swatch. What is wrong with this picture?

Ummmm. Yeah. I guess that's Dollar Tree quality for you. Luckily, I am a crafty lady and I have all manner of paintbrushes in my house!
It figures -- the brushless wonder is my FAVORITE of all the opals I picked up yesterday -- at least, on it's own! This is Blush Opal and this is also three coats. I knew these were sheer, but this is the least sheer one I have.

This is the one Star Opal I got, in Red Opal. Does ANYONE know the difference between the Star Opals and the Fire Opals? They're all similar to me. This is a peachy sheer with some green shimmer in it.

And this was the other Fire Opal I got, in Royal Opal. It's a peachy sheer with gold shimmer. I guess the gold is what makes it royal?

Then I tried layering all of them over Lacquer Shine Lustrous. I dig it!
Index finger is Blush Opal, Middle is Red Opal, and Ring is Royal Opal. I LOVE Red Opal like this. Oddly enough, Red Opal over black becomes black with awesome emerald GREEN shimmer (no red to be seen)!


  1. Great finds, I am sorry that you can't find the Milani Holos! I only happened upon them by chance at my local grocery store.

  2. Great haul, loving Blue Sparrow, it's so vibrant! :-)