Thursday, February 18, 2010


Someone asked me earlier today where it was I'd bought nail polish online.
This will be old boring news to those of you reading this who already have nail blogs, but I have some readers who may not be aware of such places... so please, allow me to enable you. :)

First of all, most of these places have jacked up shipping. So while the nail polish itself is cheap, it's really not worth it unless you're going to buy several bottles.

Second of all, you'll start to find yourself reeeeeally thinking about whether you want to spend the $8 or $8.50 for an OPI or an Essie when you're in a brick and mortar establishment and you know you can get it for $4-$5 online. The problem with this thinking is that you will then order 6 bottles of nail polish from an e-tailer to justify the jacked up shipping charges and will have actually spent more money than you would've if you'd just paid the $8 in the brick & mortar store. I buy from both e-tailers and brick&mortars. It depends. Sometimes I need the instant gratification. Sometimes I have a few colors I want so I'll just order them online.

Anyway, we're all grown ups and can make our own decisions, right?!

I have personally ordered nail polish from: (oddly, both of these places are located in Georgia, so I had to pay sales tax, but still came out cheaper than buying in a store)
I've ordered Konad stuff from: (do some perfunctory googling and you will find coupon codes for both these sites that offer 20-30% off -- AND neither of these sites have jacked up shipping charges)
If you want to get into the Konad thing, you really should order that stuff online. I discovered a Konad kiosk in the Mall of Georgia when I was there a week or two ago. I asked the lady running it how much their plates were and I must have made a face when she said, "Ten dollars," because she then gave me their web address and told me they were ony $6 or $7 online. Hehe. That's about how much I paid on each of the above sites, before discounts.

I've heard good things about, but have never ordered from:

So now... run free! Blow your paychecks on cheap nail polish you don't *really* need!


  1. I will say that I ordered from 8ty8beauty before and it was all good except they never sent me any notice about my order being received/processed/shipped. Kinda scared me away from ordering there again, although it turned out fine.

  2. Thanks! I know how you feel I saw Seche Restore at a salon for $10, but online its $3-$4...I didn't buy it!

    Ive ordered from head2toebeauty, and they are awesome. I hesitated ordering from Transdesign because shipping was so high.

    If I see a polish on sale at a Brick&Mortar..I'm all in, otherwise I am a big e-tailer fan.