Sunday, December 5, 2010

Polish Weirdness from Ross

I grabbed this set of Color Club polishes at Ross a couple of weeks ago. It was $8. Supposedly, it is the "Every Shade of Indulgence" half of the Untamed Luxury Collection.

There are no polish names on the bottles, but that's ok because the names are on the back of the box, right?

Except... those aren't the right names. I was looking at this last night because I've started swatching them (I won't post 'em til I have 'em all swatched, though) and I realized... I don't think these names go with these polishes. So I consulted the all-knowing google and found Ms. Evil Angel's post herewhere she swatched these colors. Notice how the names she has don't match up at all with the names listed on my box? Now, she's not wrong because Scrangie swatched these colors here and has the same color names as Evil Angel.

So then I went straight to Color Club's website here. Scrangie and Evil Angel are right.

So what's up with my mislabeled box, Ross?!?! I guess I shouldn't complain since I got the whole set for $8, but I am bothered by this because, dammit, I want my polishes labeled correctly!


  1. Ho it's too bad for the name, but for the price it don't really matter ^^

  2. You shouldn't mind so much:) 8$ is an amazing price. I want one too :(

  3. I got the same set with the same incorrect names on the back too! It bugs me to no end!