Monday, December 27, 2010

Essie Dive Bar and some foreign polishes

So when I was in Smalltown, GA with my husband to do Christmas with his family, we went to Smalltown's Walmart, where I saw the Essie retail display for the first time ever. Let me tell you, the Walmart and the CVS in Smalltown KICK ASS. My theory is that it's because there isn't anywhere else to shop there.

I picked up "Dive Bar" from the Essie retail display. It was the only polish I got, and I bought it because it looked interesting. I am a sucker for these blackened teal/blue colors, because I have TWO other polishes that are similar. This color is a retail-only Essie, so it's new. Which would explain why I'd never seen it before. :)

The quality is just so-so. It wasn't worth the $7.75 I spent on it, but it wasn't BAD, either. The brush was too small and narrow, but I think all Essie brushes are too small and narrow. The formula was a bit runny. The first coat was very sheer, and I feared that this was going to end up being a four-coater. But it all evened out and became opaque on the second coat, so it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared.

Anyway, here's Dive Bar:

And my awesome cousin in Houston mailed me several Arezia mini nail polishes that her mom picked up for me in Hong Kong upon hearing of my nail polish obsession. My family rocks. :)
I am going to swatch these just as soon as I have a spare minute. Which isn't now. So here's just a pic of the bottles for now! (And yes, that is the patron saint of bacon hanging out behind the bottles. Don't judge me!)


  1. New Essie! Yay! I'd love to see a bottle pic of it if you've got one--I've heard they changed it for the retail ones.

  2. @KarenD - Bottle pics, coming right up. :)

  3. Ohh I never saw this color its soo pretty! Kinda like Chanel Black Pearl! I love going shopping in small towns (even up here in Canada)... I find that when new make up or nail polish collections hit the city they sell out super quickly whereas in small towns it takes a little bit more time so we can get our hands on some goodies!