Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly post!

Man, I seem to have so little free time lately. But I'm still taking pictures of my hands every day, the pictures are just slow in coming. :D My apologies!

Sooo, today I have my last Zoya I got from the exchange in APRIL (yeeeah, I realize it's nearly July). This is Freja, which I thought I'd like but really didn't. Also, I had middle nail issues. I smudged it the first time around, then I redid it really quickly, which caused MASSIVE BUBBLING. Check it out. Also, I'm not sure why my cuticles look so icky in this picture. They're looking pretty good right now, actually.

So then I hated the bubbling, but didn't want to take off the polish. So I put Sally Hansen HD in DVD on top and I fell IN LOOOOVE.

You can see the duochromey goodness in this pic. :)

This one too!

I really hate that DVD is so sheer. But I really love that it layers so well and turns any polish into sparkly gorgeousness!


  1. The DVD does work well. I like the Freja too though!

  2. When I wore DVD I did a layer of nude polish and then 2 of DVD, its true colors really come out this way. I like DVD on top of Freja, great on your hands! :)