Monday, June 21, 2010

Funky French

Ok, so I don't usually do french manicures of ANY kind. I can never seem to get the tips straight, so I just don't do it.

I caved and did this one a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it! I used Orly Liquid Vinyl for the tips, Essie Blushing Bride for the nailbeds, and covered it all up with some Seche Vite and Cover Girl City Lights topcoat.


We also finally got our wedding rings last week. Yes, we've been married for nearly two months, but we waited til the last damn minute to order our rings from Like, seriously, we ordered them the week before our wedding. So we got married with the cheapest bands we could find and ordered these to replace them. I LOVE THEM! Mine has J's fingerprint on it and his has my fingerprint on it. :)


  1. Your finger print ring(s) are so awesome. I've seen those in that Etsy shop before and always thought they would be perfect. and they are. :)

  2. The fingerprint idea is VERY cool!

  3. That is so unique! I've never seen that before. Absolutely adorable!