Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two posts in one night!

Glory be, what is this world coming to?!

So anyway, I've made friends with this chick at work. She calls me to fix her computer, I go to her office, fix her computer, and end up talking nail polish with her. It's a win-win situation. I've pointed her to my blog before, but I have no idea if she reads it regularly (if so, I'm talking about you!), and it seems rude to ask. :)

ANYWAY. She asked me what my favorite nail polish brands are, and I said, "Orly and China Glaze." She said, "Oooh! The Chinese beauty supply I go to has a TON of China Glaze!" I was, to say the least, INTRIGUED. However, I've yet to find the Asian beauty supply in town that has China Glaze. I've hit three of them so far, including the one she mentioned, and no China Glaze to be found in any of them. I DID, however, find Kleancolor -- a brand I'd seen mentioned on nail blogs but had never seen in person. And it was $1 a bottle. They also had some NYX Girls for $1 a bottle. So I grabbed some!

Here's what I got.
Kleancolor in Sapphire, Dark Brown, and Blood (which isn't exactly blood red, but who's counting), and NYX Girls in Wild.

I also picked up this Kleancolor topcoat in Aurora, which is a mix of iridescent tiny glitter, larger round glitter, and star-shaped glitter. I don't usually go for this kind of thing, but it was a buck.

Let me say -- Kleancolor is some GOOD STUFF. All of these except for the topcoat were pretty much opaque in one coat, but I did two for good measure. They also Konad (or Fauxnad) exceptionally well. I REALLY need to get back to that Beauty Supply and buy more of these. I mean, THEY'RE A DOLLAR. COME ON.

This is Sapphire. A bit frosty for my liking, but pretty nonetheless.

This is Sapphire with a topcoat of Aurora.

This is Dark Brown. Completely unoriginal, yet perfectly descriptive, name.

And this is Blood. I was expecting a much darker red from a polish named "Blood." This was the thinnest of the three -- after two coats you can still see the slightest bit of VNL. It still applied exceptionally well for a $1 polish.

However, NYX Girls Wild was the WINNER of this whole bunch. This color is a dusty blue-grey that leans way blue. I thought it was a blue-green duochrome at first, but it's not. It's a dusty blue with GOLD shimmer. I've never seen that combination before! It's way unique and I LOVE IT. This is two coats. I still had the slightest bit of VNL, so three coats may be better. I was lazy.

In this photo you can see the shimmer a little better.

So... I need to get myself back to the beauty supply store that sells these, no?


  1. Aurora is gorgeous. i'm not a super fan of crazy top coats but aurora is really nice. I may have to look around for it. It's hard to be on no buy nail polish when it's such a good deal. $1??? crazy