Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One! Two! Three! Three Polishes! Ha ha ha!

I was channeling The Count. You'll have to excuse me.

I just had an involved discussion with the cashier at my friendly neighborhood Rite Aid about nail polish. I love it when I can randomly inform strangers of my obsession. I told her all about Hidden Treasure and the Zoya polish exchange. I feel like I fulfilled my civic duty for today.

So on to the polishes!

This is a CHI polish I picked up at Ulta. It's a blue/green duochrome called Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn. This polish is the hotness! I'd never bought a CHI polish before, but I remember seeing this collection when it came out. I sort of wish I'd picked up all of them then because this is awesome!

This is a Del Sol polish called Rock Star. It's a sheer blue glitter. I think I screwed up here because I applied four coats to make it opaque and then barely got any color change at all in the sun. :/
This is in the shade:

And in the sun. You can KIND OF see where it's turning more green, but it's really pretty unnoticeable.

And another in the sun.

The least sparkly of the Zoya Sparkle collection: Nidhi. I don't usually go for tomato reds, but I really liked this polish. The gold sparkle is unique. I got bored with it, though, and konaded over it with a sheer gold polish. Don't ask me what plate I used, because I'm way too lazy right now to look and see. :)

And another!

I actually have no more pictures uploaded, so I guess tomorrow I'll have to upload some more. It's cool having a photo backlog because it makes churning out posts easier. :)


  1. I seem to have created quite a backlog myself.

    Looking forward to seeing more of yours.

  2. I read the title out loud (with the correct accent and timing) and am currently laughing my butt off. The Count used to scare me to death. LOL!

    Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn is so hot!

  3. The Beauty Supply I alway go to doesn't sell Chi polishes anymore because they just don't sell, I bought three for like a $1 and they are all watery and sheer. how was the application on that guy?