Saturday, May 15, 2010


So, I felt completely swamped this last week. I took a lot of pictures, but didn't post at all! So, I'm going to try to do a post a day for awhile. At least for a couple of days, to get through the backlog of pictures. :)

I never actually took a "hand" shot of this polish, but this is me wearing it while in Florida to get married. This is me, unwashed, with no makeup, first thing in the morning, waiting in a cafe for my coffee, so be prepared... but my NAILS are FABULOUS! LOL! I'm wearing Zoya Mimi. And no, that's not the polish I wore to get married in. :)

So I had to go hunt and see if I had any pictures of my NAIL POLISH on my wedding day for this blog. I wore OPI DS Illuminate. This picture was taken after the wedding -- that's my husband next to me. :) We had already started to take shots of tequila at this point...

So yay! Nail-polish related reason to show off pictures. :) We had a super casual beach wedding, but a lot of our friends and family came. Our wedding day was spent, well, getting married, and then going to a restaurant and drinking/eating/socializing. Then a bunch of our friends got together on the beach in the dark and hung out for hours and hours. It was really a great, memorable night!

I'll post again tomorrow with actual nail-of-the-day pics from the past week. This'll be my wedding post!

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