Sunday, May 23, 2010

Comparison post

So, I was at Old Navy the other night, and I saw a Tip Toe polish called "Orchid Fever." It's a bright red-leaning purple with a lot of blue and pink glitter in it and it immediately reminded me of China Glaze Flying Dragon. Since I have a problem, and since I really like Flying Dragon, but it has some issues, I had to grab it.

As you can see, in the bottle, Flying Dragon is a lot more pink than Orchid Fever.

But Orchid Fever has a lot more glitter.

On the nail, well, they're not all that different. Flying Dragon is more opaque. Also, I think my bottle of Flying Dragon has thickened up quite a bit (which is a good thing, it once was way too thin), because when I did my comparison, I was able to get it opaque in two coats.

Orchid Fever is WAY sheer. I had to use four or five coats to get it opaque.

Here's Orchid Fever on its own. Pardon the tipwear, this was after three days of wear. The last few days have been a bit busy. :D

In this photo, I have Orchid Fever on my pointer and ring fingers. Flying Dragon is on my middle and pinky fingers. They ARE quite similar. I sort of prefer Orchid Fever, even though it's really sheer, simply because the glitter is more apparent.


  1. Great comparison. So Tip Toe polish is at Old Navy? Just making sure as I'm going to be near one in a couple weeks. :)

  2. @Lacquer Ware - Yes! It's usually somewhere near the checkout stands. :)

  3. Wow I love the colour :) I'll be sure to pick this one up sometime.

  4. I LOVE comparison posts! They are really close, I'm on my way to old navy now :)

  5. i just picked this one up too! it's kind of an obscure polish for them to copy huh, haha. i do like it a lot but since i have flying dragon and the Icing version of FD i might give this away. oh well :)